Hi, I'm Justin,

and I am a Creative & Design Director. I founded Bauerhaus studio Los Angeles in 2011 as a cumulative design-house and art practice. 

I also work as a designer and artist when you're looking for some focused creative work;

hire me to put a team together and make something new.

You could hire me to walk your dog (I'm into being outside).

But I'd rather try to solve all your problems.

I'd rather consult for your new start-up, set up a series of brand immersion meetings to explore fresh direction for your classic brand, make you comprehensive album release, direct your new marketing campaign, design your identity eco-system, launch your new evolved website, plan your interior, illustrate your illustrations, or create your next clothing line.

On medium to large projects I use a team of other perfectionists to work mine toward a collective vision.

Good design is mainly about problem solving but original and intentional aesthetic is close behind.

Cultivating something from abstraction to reality is the key to all the work I do. You won't always know what you want and I will extract that. I like to consult on a piece from it's infancy, or repair something broken in your current situation.

I prefer to work with present people who want a collaborator for their brand vision. I tend to see the broad scope first with eye to fill in the missing pieces and improve your outer-facing message.

No matter how interesting something looks on the outside, I like an art piece, a small upstart brand, or a large corporation that starts with a sense of purpose.

I like projects that aren't afraid of their inevitable problems,

ones that start with a focused plan and fan out in the spirit of collaboration. Collaboration and interaction is just as important as presenting a bold vision and strong message.

Email me if you want to stop by our warehouse studio, I'll make you a cocktail.

Some Highlighted Clients:

Nike, National Geographic, Uniqlo, Canon, Fox Pictures, Chiat/Day, Pavr, Digital Kitchen, Zozotown, Mind Body Green, Vans, Wilderness Magazine, Beauty Counter, Quiksilver, Apolis, Darling Magazine, Sew Creative, Converse, Meaningful Beauty, Apliiq, Townsen & Piper Apparel, Hurley, etc.

Detailed Expertise:

Creative Direction, Design Direction, Fine Art

Fine Artistry + Conceptual Projects

Brand Consulting and Immersion:         Identity + Strategy, Consumer Analysis

Copy-writing and Brand Messaging

Fashion and Apparel Brand Strategy: Creative Direction + Team Management + Graphics + Cut&Sew + Fabric Design

Production Direction + Set Design

Merchandising + Production

Print and Digital Communication

Installation + Interior Design

Commissioned Paintings + Artworks

Promotion of pure creativity in any environment.